Eating gluten free at Garnett’s Cafe

All of our specifically gluten free menu items are labelled GF on our print menu and on our online menu. All ingredients are listed on both.

club sandwich made on gluten free bread

We can substitute Canyon Bakehouse's Heritage Style Honey White for any sandwich. The bread is free from gluten, dairy, nuts and soy and is baked with whole grains.

When we get a request for gluten free bread, we take steps to ensure there is no cross contamination and that the entire menu item is served gluten free. We have a dedicated GF toaster, and we clean our surfaces and utensils before preparing a GF item. When we grill a GF sandwich, we wrap it in aluminum foil to prevent direct contact with the grilling surface.

We almost always offer a gluten free cake and pie as two of our desserts. These are made at out sister restaurant Laura Lee's. They take strong measures to avoid cross contamination, but their kitchen is not an entirely gluten free environment.

All of our sides are always gluten free. The soup of the day is always gluten free.

Ingredients to be aware of:

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