Eating vegan and vegetarian at Garnett’s Cafe

All of our specifically vegetarian and vegan menu items are labelled VEG on our print menu, and labelled as either VEGAN or VEGETARIAN on our online menu. All ingredients are listed on both.

We can substitute Tofurkey for any meat product. We can substitute Field Roast Choa for any of the cheese products. We also offer Duke's Plant -based Mayo vegan mayo.

If you are substituting to make something vegan or vegetarian, please let us know so that we can ensure that you are not missing something and so that there is no cross contamination in the process of making your food. We are glad to make your food the way that you would like it.

We try to always offer a vegan pie as one of our desserts. The rest of our desserts are vegetarian. Sometimes we have vegan whipped cream for your pie - just ask!

Our coleslaw contains mayonnaise. All of the rest of our sides except for the soup are always vegan. The soup of the day is sometimes vegetarian or vegan, but not always.

Ingredients to be aware of:

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